A British woman in a coma after being attacked by a crocodile and her twin sister continued to beat an animal abroad

A British woman in a coma after being attacked by a crocodile and her twin sister continued to beat an animal abroad

In comaA British woman falls into an artificial coma after being attacked by a crocodile in a Mexican lake. Her twin sister saved her life by fighting the animal in the water. The British Embassy in Mexico is aware of the situation and offers support. According to the family, the guide who provided the boat trip did not have the correct papers.

Georgia, 28, and Melissa Lowry were on a boat trip Sunday while vacationing on a lake near Puerto Escondido, in southeastern Mexico. Panic broke out on board when Melissa suddenly disappeared under the water. It turned out that a crocodile had thrown it. Georgia risked her life, jumped into the water and went to look for her sister.

Another sister, Hana, said, “Georgia found her unconscious and tried to get her to safety by dragging her on a boat.” BBC. But the crocodile did not give up. And so Georgia began to strike. I’ve heard that’s what you have to do with some animals.” The sister said Melissa was thrown “like a rag doll.” “Fortunately, her super tough twin sister was there to hit the animal over and over in an effort to save it.”


The two British twin sisters are currently in a hospital in Mexico. Georgia is conscious and has “only” injuries to her hands. “She’s very brave. I would have a lesser sister if I didn’t have another excellent sister. I think she’s still in shock,” Hannah said. Melissa remains in a coma to prevent injury from her injuries.

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Doctors are concerned not only with the water in which the sisters swam, but also with anything the crocodile might pass through its mouth and teeth. Melissa is on a ventilator because the water in her lungs may also have suffered from a perforated lung. The two sisters are given heavy antibiotics in the hope of quickly overcoming any infection.

incorrect papers

Turns out the guide who booked the twins through their hostel is so Watchman The BBC is not registered. It is also said that he had a good reputation for taking tourists to dangerous places to swim. Her family says it would have been fatal if Melissa had not been an experienced diver. “Thank God she had this training. She said the adrenaline started flowing and she knew what to do.”

The British Foreign Office is shocked by the incident. “We are supporting the families of two British women who have been hospitalized in Mexico and are in contact with local authorities,” a company spokesperson said in a statement.

Saltwater crocodiles have grown in numbers since they were granted protected status in the 1970s. Fatal attacks on humans are very rare.

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