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The Pokémon Unite announced last year will be released to Nintendo Switch owners on July 21. Free Pokémon is a 5vs5 MOBA created by Chinese developer TiMi Studios.

Pokémon Unite was described by the creators as the first strategist Team battle game. The game revolves around 5 vs 5 battles within the moba genre, i.e. Online multiplayer battlefield. Popular games of this type are League of Legends and Dota 2. Players who log into Switch before August 31 will have access to Zeraora. This pokemon especially excels in speed and can generate electric shocks.

The game takes place on the island of Aeos, where the Unite Battle Committee organizes the so-called Unite Battle tournaments. Aeos’ energy allows your Pokémon to evolve and become stronger during battle. This energy can be obtained by defeating enemy and wild pokemon. With each battle, the Pokémon used starts from level 1, and experience points become available as they level up during the fight. With this, new attacks are gradually becoming available, such as the Unite Move, a powerful special attack. The game will have several stadiums in which Unite Battles will take place, each with its own rules.

Pokémon Unite will also launch on mobile devices in September. Cross-play will be possible between gamers using their smartphones and players using the Nintendo Switch, although the developer only says it is planned to support this. It is still unknown if this support will be present immediately when Pokémon Unite is also available for smartphones. Game data can also be transferred to another device, provided you are signed in to a Nintendo account or a Pokémon Trainer Club account.

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