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Nacon will launch sim RiMS Racing on August 19. The game will receive eight licensed motorcycles from European and Japanese manufacturers and ten race tracks. The game is coming to Steam, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch consoles.

Developer Raceward Studio Promises on the Steam page Realistic representation of how a motorcycle rides on a track and the artistic side of a motorcycle. The developer says it has worked closely with motorcycle manufacturers to ensure a “very accurate and realistic” driving experience. Motorcycles from Ducati, MV Augusta, Aprilia, BMW, Kawasaki and others are featured in RiMS Racing.

Players can adjust the individual parts of these bikes, such as tire pressure and suspension, to achieve better cycle times. In addition, they receive a check on the condition of the motorcycle while racing to be able to monitor the heat from the brake discs, among other things, in real time. In addition, more than 500 licensed engine tuning parts are available. The trailer shows how users can replace wheels, brake pads and discs, tires, suspension parts and an ECU, among other things.

The game will contain ten official racing tracks, including Silverstone, Laguna Seca, and Nürburgring. Additionally, there are five routes in Australia, Italy, Norway, Spain, and the United States. RiMS will have both online mode and career mode. In this career mode, players are the team bosses and must follow the race calendar and choose bike parts to develop and improve the skills of team members.

According to the Steam page, the game will appear on your Windows PC. There will also be versions for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, Series X, S, and Nintendo Switch. The suggested retail price is not mentioned.

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