‘Pleguezuelo and Misidjan leave FC Twente’:…

‘Pleguezuelo and Misidjan leave FC Twente’:…

Julio Plekuzuelo and Virgil Misitjan
Photo: © Pro Shots

FC Twente have three players with expiring contracts in the selection. Julio Pleguezuelo, Virgil Misidjan and Wout Brama will not be transferred next summer. FC Twente are keen to extend Blekusuelo and Mzidjan, but club observer Dijmen van Wissing doesn’t think they’ll accept an offer.

“Pleguezuelo is going to leave”, Van Wissing said Eastern position. “I think he will go to America. Michigan will also leave, and he will make his life profitable.”

“Conversations are still taking place with Vaud Brahma,” the journalist continues. “At this point, you assume it’s not going to be a player anymore. But he’s going to come back a little bit, so I think they’ll have to wait and see what he can do. I don’t think he’ll be there. He’s been able to create a lot of fun over the years, but maybe he’ll be there.” When fit again, he will be even more valuable.”

Host Bert Von Lasser asks if Brahma would be a good assistant to new technology director Arnold Brooking. “Would you do it yourself if you were still part of the selection a few months ago?”, Van Wissing wonders.

“It depends on what he wants,” replied former FC Twente coach Jan van Sta. “How is he fit? It’s great fun playing football as much as possible, but of course he’s been struggling with a lot of injuries in the past. So we’ll wait and see.”

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