Pixel series update fixes video DRM issues, but introduces Google Pay bug

The drop feature For Google’s Pixel phones, it seems to have resolved some technical issues but also created new ones. Widevine-drm issues are said to have been resolved, making HD Netflix possible, but Google Pay no longer works for some.

According to XDA Since the February 2021 update, users of many Pixel models have experienced the loss of Widevine support. This would have gone from L1 to L3, which in practice means you can no longer watch Netflix in 1080p or higher, for example, but only at 480p at max. Google promised at the time to fix it and has now implemented it, just over a year later. any Emphasizes Users on Reddit.

9to5Google reports However, after this new update, there is a possibility that Google Pay may be out of work. It could have happened anyway on the Pixel 4a, 4a 5G and 5 phones. This is specifically related to the NFC payment functionality in terminals in stores. Google Pay works in the Netherlands with ABN Amro, Bunq, N26 and Revolut, among others. In Belgium, BPN Paribas Fortis, CBC and Fintro, among others, are compatible. Google has not yet received a response. A workaround may be for the user to register in Preview version From the following Drop Drop feature.

With the latest version drop feature Google is expanding the Live Caption feature to include conversations. Google explains: “When you’re on a phone call, you can see a text of what the other person is saying, and type a response, which will be read out at the other end.” Snapchat is also getting support for Night Sight, a new battery status widget for connected devices and conversations can be translated in Spanish, Italian and French directly via Live Translate.

Image via 9to5Google

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