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I bought Zen and Zen 3 in principle only to support AMD

I had the same feeling, I intend to eventually replace all my Intels with AMD. Desktop, laptop, server and work computer.

That’s because these new processors are so fast and affordable, and because Intel still has serious issues with Specter leaks of private information and other hacks.

They’re all back now, and I have four Intels again. AMD simply fails structurally over three generations at any meaningful bandwidth with Drones† I started with one note, but now I know it has all chipsets and hardware/software configurations, while Intel never has a problem. Technical support from AMD is deaf from East India. On Reddit, I met people with the same problem, and the solution for them was to switch to Intel as well.

This is why I unfortunately have to conclude that AMD is suitable for hobby and gaming, but not if you are working with large amounts of data via UAS/DAS. This frustrates me a lot, especially since I’ve volunteered hours of help and testing, but AMD doesn’t care which way they can contact me. And I understand it too. It is assumed that less than 1% of customers use UAS. So these chipset or firmware bugs are at the bottom of the list, if they are in the list at all.

I’ll give them another chance in 5 years, because now I don’t need an upgrade.

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