Samsung introduces new Galaxy A smartphones on Thursday afternoon – Tablets and Phones – News

Samsung skin probably isn’t for everyone, but it’s one that’s very accessible and does what it should. Aside from a few specific things, I’ve never tested Samsung’s skin as being very slow. I don’t have any direct benchmarks, but I remember the skin isn’t sluggish at all these days. Plus, I personally find the skin to be quite consistent. With Chinese phones, I get the impression that they are poorly localized, inconsistent, and have a lot of bugs.

In terms of hardware, I think Samsung is making the right choices and cutting back on the right things. These A-devices are really good for a lot of people who don’t want to spend a lot. These devices often have excellent battery life and a good screen.

And that in itself is also important to a lot of people, I think: you know what you’re getting with Samsung. I get itchy pretty quickly from all the relatively new Chinese brands. This may be my loss, but I really think the look of Huawei is a disaster. I now have a OnePlus 9. Nice device and nice skin, but I’m still on the November 2021 security update. It didn’t really happen with Samsung. Even the Galaxy S9 still receives quarterly security updates; My wife is more up-to-date in terms of security than her expensive OnePlus 9…

Everyone I recommended the A52(s) to be very satisfied with them and can work well with them. It might fall into the category: Never change the winning team. So why should I send it to Chinese brands with less software support?

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