Peter Gillis remains head of Belgian parks, and campsites are getting new names

Peter Gillis remains head of Belgian parks, and campsites are getting new names

Peter Gillis remains head of his Belgian holiday parks. It will no longer continue under the name Oostappen Group. He announced in a press release on Wednesday that the new name will be “TOPcampings.”

This concerns the camp sites Blauwe Meer, Hengelhoef and Parelstrand. The new site's appearance is now the same as that of Oostappen Gardens, only the name is now “TOPcampings”.

Last week, Gillis was forced to resign from his position as operator of the eight Dutch holiday parks. Transfers management to another operator. It is not yet known who he is. Dutch Gardens will continue under the name Oostappen Group.

Canceled permits
The reasons for Gillis' departure are catering permits being revoked, parks being forced to close and lawsuits against him. Recently, it has become necessary to obtain an operating permit in the municipality of Asten to operate a catering company.

After submitting an application for such a permit, a BIBOB investigation is conducted. This is a study that allows municipalities, for example, to check the background of companies and entrepreneurs. Desiree Redring of the Entertainment Law Foundation said last week that the investigation into the new director could take up to twelve weeks.

Great uncertainty
Residents and guests of Dutch parks are still in a state of uncertainty. Someone else will manage the Dutch parks, but who that will be and when that will happen is still unclear.

In the Prinsenmeer holiday park, people who have a chalet permanently or seasonally are only allowed to relax in their garden, but are not allowed to stay in their own chalet. Vacationers have often already paid for their place.

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Paul Lapp is the chair of the Prinsenmeer Residents' Interest Group. He hopes that they will be able to conclude agreements on compensation with the Oostappen Group, without the need for a lawyer. “If you buy a TV and don't receive it after six months, you also want your money back.”

I've had problems for some time
The Oostappen group has been in dire straits for some time. Prinsenmeer was closed in December last year because the municipality feared the park would be used for criminal activities. In addition, the garden was not fireproof. Last year it was also revealed that Gillis had manipulated his gardens' accounts.

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