New Date Gordon Died Suddenly: 'Finally Someone Who Really Loved Me' |  RTL Street

New Date Gordon Died Suddenly: 'Finally Someone Who Really Loved Me' | RTL Street

According to Gordon, his life has had many highs and lows. These often occur at the same time. For example, he explains that he recently signed his contract for his new company in Blaricum, but as soon as he returned home he heard terrible news. “Then I come home and I get a message that my mate who I was with for seven months has died. This contradiction is constantly there. The joy that I feel and then I come home and then I get such a terrible message.”

It doesn't reveal much about the man in question. It indicates that it was a serious relationship. “I finally have someone who really loves me and has his own money and then he dies. This is so hard. This contradiction is just part of my life, but it's hard sometimes.”

He also hasn't gotten over his breakup with Gavin. “This was so heartbreaking. I was completely in love. I still can't contain it. It's been a year and the sadness is overwhelming.”

The singer does not know if there will be a place to live and live with someone for a long time. “I don't think I want to anymore. And I can't do it anymore, to be honest.” At most Lat's relationship, he decides.

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