Perchem Vets in South America: ‘Not available in Argentina, but still happy!’  Part 1 – Ad Oz |  Weekly Journal Region Oss

Perchem Vets in South America: ‘Not available in Argentina, but still happy!’ Part 1 – Ad Oz | Weekly Journal Region Oss

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Perchem/South America | On October 25, 2022, Perchem veterinary couple Emil Brouwers and Leslie Neckers flew to Uruguay after spending at least a year traveling through South America in their Buka. How are they now a year later?

“An as yet unknown part of the world is Ibera (meaning shining water in Guarani (Indian people)) which consists of enormous areas of ‘wetlands’, swamps.

Now Buca has a new starter battery (the ‘best’ Argentinian brand Moura), additional leaf springs installed, shock absorbers replaced and new tires, all ready for a new adventure! Eventually, the non-ordered 255/85R16 turned out to be mud tires. From Paraguay. Long hard story short; Christian, a friend, took them illegally across the border in his car, and Buga now drives them.

It starts with eighty kilometers on a sandy track with deep ruts, potholes and loose sand. When we arrive at a closed gate in the Formosa National Reserve around two o’clock, Emil opens it and goes to the house where a startled park ranger comes out…not many visitors here! He is very enthusiastic. We should mainly continue to the lake where we can see more animals. Yes, two japiros (great storks, black-headed, red-necked) catch fish. After a while, we notice that the very symmetrical tree trunks have eyes in the water, and we see our first caimans. Then the family swims with the capybaras (giant guinea pigs) and as the sun slowly turns the sky crimson, we see a giant anteater strolling out of the jungle. Aha!

Then we cross a dirt road to another area, Mburucuyá National Park. Had a heavy thunderstorm last night and the road is fine. Until then… we are suddenly in deep orange clay mud pits. As we round a bend, we see two men on a moped. The older one in particular says that the road is getting worse and we should look back. We discuss. Argument “That moped passed, didn’t it?” succeeds.

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We decide to keep going until we can’t do it anymore. (Of course, when that moment comes is an interesting question. Are you already stuck? Or if we slip into a ditch next to the road? “Dude, I think we should turn around now.”)

Suddenly a herd of water buffalo comes towards us with three cowboys on horseback behind them. We ask the happy men how awful the next fifteen kilometers are. The first five kilometers are pretty bad, then a gravel road, Ripio says with a smile. No, they don’t think it’s a smart idea. Anyway, so far so good. Who does not dare, who will not win?

To be continued!

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