Parent company Facebook delays return to its US office

Parent company Facebook delays return to its US office

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Facebook Parent Meta employees in the US do not have to return to the office at this time. The company postponed the reopening of the office. Employees who return to the office long-term will have to provide evidence that they have received a coronavirus booster dose.

Meta is the company numbers in the US to review its reopening plans. In fact, employees will be welcome back in the office from January 31. This is now after March 28th. Meta is already demanding that all of its American employees who come into the office be vaccinated against the coronavirus. Employees have until March 14 to decide whether to return to the office. They can also order full-time telecommuting or work from home temporarily.

Employees who have not been vaccinated for medical or religious reasons can request to continue working remotely. Anyone who does not follow the rules can be fired.

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