Omroep Flevoland – News – Lecturer delivers petition to Parliament for different regulation of examination results

Educator Henk Weger of Dronten will deliver a House petition to the House Committee on Education, Culture, and Science (OCW) on Tuesday. The teacher wants a better order of obtaining exam results for special education students and all students who are taking a state exam. His petition has so far been signed more than 7,500 times.

The exams that students pass at the end of their school days consist of two parts: the school exam and the central written exam. In regular education, the school test is taken first, but this differs in special education.

These students get exactly the same school exams as normal students, but they are given orally in July. The central exam is held in May. “On June 14, the results of the written examinations for ordinary students will be announced,” explains Vejter. “Our students don’t hear anything. They only get the final result at the end, when they take the oral exam.”

That’s problematic, Wejter says. The biggest problem is that students like to take their written exam result into consideration when preparing for the oral exam.

Room movement for the same effect
The teacher from Dronten would like special education students to take their exams on June 14th. A motion was introduced in the House of Representatives asking for the same. This will also be voted on Wednesday afternoon. “If there is a vote for it, there is a chance that it will succeed,” Wegter explains.

There’s still a long way to go to get both classes on June 14th, says the teacher. “Because then they also have to take the school exams in school and you need a lot of other things for that. What I would like now is that they get the central written exam mark, that they know how to stand and that they then go to the school oral exam with that knowledge.”

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