No method is that correct service.  “Science” wants a 0% VAT on fruits and vegetables

No method is that correct service. “Science” wants a 0% VAT on fruits and vegetables

Comparison of some apples and pears

DasKap Van Wensen explains it again


Hihihi hahaha hohoho How funny that the government can’t impose 0% VAT on fruits and vegetables. Yes, we laugh too, but everyone who knows money and taxes Can you explain Conducting the policy via VAT in general is a disaster and in this case unwise (apart from the fact that the tax and customs administration is overburdened). As we wrote in December, and now also shows from the research conducted by the Ministry of Finance: Removing the value-added tax on fruits and vegetables is a very inefficient measure if you want people to eat more fruits and vegetables.

It sounds easy, but it’s really hard. However, this complex message is not welcomed by Marjolene Moorman of Labor Populism (Alderman finance Public Health Amsterdam) and Various scholars sign. They did their own research and picked some VAT-exempt cherries from the policy fruit bowl in a letter (more here Objective criticism) which actually goes back to “what does it matter if we already know it’s not working, just take this action!”.

We just checked, but the scientists who signed the letter, in addition to various aldermen and a few GGD hotemets, are: Professor of Lifestyle Epidemiology and Cardiovascular Disorders, Bariatric Surgeon, Health Scientist, Professor of Health Technology Assessment, Clinical Psychologist , health scientist, researcher in consumption and healthy lifestyle, financial geographer, professor of public health, researcher in public health, teacher of childhood obesity, health economist, health scientist, professor of population health, brain researcher, professor of health promotion, political scientist , Professor of Social Epidemiology, Epidemiologist, Public Health Researcher, Researcher in Consumption and Healthy Lifestyles, Health Scientist, Professor of Health Law, Professor of Nutrition, Health Scientist, Professor of Public Health, Epidemiologist, Professor of Public Health, Professor of Consumption and Healthy Lifestyle Public health researcher and general practitioner.

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Zero tax experts (we repeat: zero). This is why “listening to the science” does not work for political problems. You run the risk of ignoring matters that lie outside the expertise of these scholars. Meanwhile, scientists who know nothing about taxation but put their name in a speech regarding tax action are undermining the “prestige of science.” You could roughly say: science is just an opinion.

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