Pogacar in Roubaix? This is also a leap into the unknown for science

Tadej Pogakar said: Three kilograms. It was quickly calculated, how much heavier would it have to get to ride it too to take victory on the cobbles of Roubaix. According to cycling website Procyclingstats, the Pogacar weighs 66kg.

“It will be more difficult for Pogacar to release Van Aert and Van der Poel on the flat track of Roubaix, as they succeeded on the slopes of the Ronde,” says Professor Jan Bonn, an exercise physiologist at Ghent University.

According to Boonen, Pogacar will also have to run an uphill course from Roubaix. “As a Tour de France winner, he has the advantage that his endurance is greater than his rivals. His drop is less. According to his data for Strava, he drove the same pace on the third climb of the Oude Kwaremont as on the second climb.”

Lose weight quickly

Of course, the Slovenian also has other goals, such as the Tour de France. He must lose the extra pounds for Paris-Roubaix in two or three months.

Bonn: “It’s about muscle mass, not fat. No one’s done it before. There are no scientific studies on gaining that much muscle mass, only to lose it back so quickly afterwards. I’m not saying it’s an impossible combination to win Roubaix and the Tour, but it’s going to be a challenge.” to his coaches. If one athlete can do this, it will be Pogacar.”

What about Milan Sanremo? “This year his team put one of the pieces of equipment on Cipressa. They can really do better Cappy To begin with.”

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