Nissan line-up more positive despite production disruption

Nissan line-up more positive despite production disruption

Photo: ANP

The automaker Nissan has become more positive about the entire fiscal year despite the shortage of materials, which has forced the Japanese company to close several plants recently. However, demand for cars remains strong and Nissan is also benefiting from a relatively weak yen, which boosts car exports in terms of foreign currencies.

In its broken fiscal second quarter, Nissan suffered from a shortage of chips, as well as a shortage of materials and other parts. The last reason was a new wave of coronavirus infections that hit many countries in Southeast Asia, where Nissan owns its factories and suppliers. Despite this, Nissan posted a profit of more than 54 billion yen, which turned around 413 million euros, on the books.

Nissan had a loss in its own country and in Europe, but it fared especially well in the United States. There, operating profit rose by about three quarters, in part because Nissan earned more yen for every dollar made. Nissan also has money left in the rest of Asia, including China.

The company now counts on a turnover of 67.3 billion euros for the whole of this year. This is about a tenth lower than previous expectations. As a result, Nissan expects to get 20 percent more operating profit, for things like taxes, interest payments and depreciation.

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