Greenland bans uranium mining and halts mining project

Photo: ANP

Greenland banned uranium mining on the island. This is stated in a new law passed by the Parliament of Greenland, which is an independent part of the Kingdom of Denmark. As a result, the development of the not-yet-opened Kvanefjeld mine must also be halted.

It contains a huge amount of rare earth metals, which are used in the manufacture of electronics and weapons, as well as radioactive uranium. Greenland Minerals, an Australian company whose largest shareholder is a Chinese mining company, was on its way to obtaining final approval for Kvanefjeld under the previous Greenland government. By the way, uranium has not yet been mined on the island.

Greenland elected a new government in April. About 57,000 people live on the island, which is rich in natural resources. Former US President Donald Trump tried to buy the island in 2019. Last year, the US also opened a consulate in Greenland.

China is the largest producer of rare earths. In September, its annual production share increased due to shortages among manufacturers. Rare earth will be in high demand as it is essential for electric vehicles and wind turbines. The United States urged its allies to increase the supply.

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