Nick Marsman takes on all the F1 chaos in Miami up close: ‘They really came to the party’

Nick Marsman takes on all the F1 chaos in Miami up close: ‘They really came to the party’

Nick Marsman can also be found at the F1 circus in Miami this weekend. The Inter Miami goalkeeper was invited by Red Bull. in conversation with DrTelegraph mail Marsman tells of the madness in town.

“Formula 1 is the hype here, I definitely noticed it,” he opened the interview. “Especially since the beginning of the week, you see a lot of commercials. Famous Americans come to Miami this week for Formula 1. At the same time, the place is crowded, because the playoffs in the NBA and ice hockey are also coming. The entrance.”

Marsman argues that Americans experience sport differently than Europeans. “Most of the public approaches it as a day out. Of course there is a fanatical core, but it’s different from Europe. I think a lot of people here also enjoy the hospitality and are very much passed on by the race. They really come to the party.”

Marsman no longer plays much for Inter Miami after suffering various injuries. His replacement did an excellent job during that period. “For me, it’s now waiting for an opportunity to show it,” said the goalkeeper, whose contract expires at the end of 2023. “Next week I’m in the cup tournament, so I can dedicate minutes.”

He himself has a good time in Miami, although he would like to play more. “It’s still early in the season, so we’ll see how it goes. If something good comes my way in America, I’m certainly open to staying here. But that also applies if an interesting offer comes in from Europe. He can still go either way. “.

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