New trouser suit for Maxima

On the third day of the UN visit to Morocco, Queen Máxima will wear a new trouser suit and a historic Oranjekluis brooch.

The topics of the visit are financial technology, inclusive green finance, and the development of digital payment systems to promote financial inclusion.

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Morocco has had a National Strategy for Financial Inclusion (NSFI) since 2019. 44% of adults now have bank accounts. In 2017 it was 29% (Global Index, World Bank Group). One of the NSFI’s goals is that 50% of adults will have a bank account by the end of this year, rising to 75% in 2030. The gap between men and women is 23%, to the detriment of women. Only 6% of people have a digital wallet (mobile wallet). This is partly due to limited financial and digital literacy. Fifteen million adults do not have a bank account yet. This mainly concerns low-income people, women and small (agricultural) businesses.

Máxima recently wore a purple double-breasted jumpsuit from Zara. Make no mistake, because today’s trouser suit is new and therefore different.

Left: the old suit. Right: The new suit.

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I’m still looking for the designer. It’s my youngest daughter’s birthday this afternoon.


The flowered diamond brooch that Máxima wears today was first seen at Queen Wilhelmina in 1898, albeit in a different setting. The ‘brooch’ was worn on a simple diamond bracelet as a bracelet. Wilhelmina wore the bracelet with a pearl version (middle). This bracelet, which Made by Dutch court jeweler Van Kempen & Begeer, it hasn’t been seen since. The floral element was removed from the diamond band and changed into a brooch. The brooch was first seen by Queen Juliana. Since then, this beautiful brooch has been worn by many members of the House Royal Dutch,” says our jewelry expert Edwin Fellner.

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