Houston Zoo first: A 90-year-old tortoise becomes a father for the first time

It is found naturally in Madagascar, but is considered an endangered species. Reproduction is difficult: the Houston Zoo, where the turtle has lived since 1987, did not count on it and accidentally discovered that a female turtle was laying eggs.

Right time and right place

It happened at closing time. The staff quickly brought the whites to safety. The soil in Houston is actually not suitable for these turtles. The zoo writes on its website. “It is unlikely that the eggs will hatch if the guard is not in the right place at the right time.”

The 90-year-old turtle is called Mr. Pickle (“Mr. Pickle”). The three newborn turtles are named Gherkin (“Gherkin”), Dill (“Dille”), and Jalapeño.

Ms. Pickles is only 53 years old and has been working at the Houston Zoo since 1996. In captivity, ray tortoises can live up to 150 years, but it is not known what age they can reproduce, says a spokesperson for the Houston Zoo In The New York Times.

eaten and traded

The stingray turtle is one of the most beautiful species of turtle. The fact that it is becoming increasingly rare is mainly due to deforestation in Madagascar. But turtle meat is also eaten and the species is widely traded.

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