Nieuw: Michelin Pilot Sport EV

New: Michelin Pilot Sport EV

The Michelin Formula E tire is effectively capable of racing in all weather conditions, while the size – 19 inches – is in line with current standards for road cars.

Michelin Pilot Sport EV directly benefits from Michelin’s advances in Formula E over the course of six seasons and features ElectricGrip Compound technology that incorporates a solid compound to the center of the tread to provide the stability required for the high torque characteristics of electrosports. Cars. Meanwhile, the side walls of the latest addition to the Michelin Pilot Sport family have the same pattern and velvet finish as the Michelin Formula E tire.

Environmentally friendly carbon dioxide neutral frame

To achieve carbon neutrality throughout the life of the tire and to meet the requirements of electric sports car owners, Michelin has committed to neutralizing the CO2 emissions associated with production and transportation to the point of sale. This process involves financing projects that aim to offset and absorb residual CO2 emissions associated with tire production through the Livelihoods Carbon Fund until the day comes when they can be eliminated completely.

Michelin is currently the only manufacturer on the market for original equipment and alternative electric sports car tires The Michelin Pilot Sport EV will be launched during 2021 in a range of 16 sizes (OEM: 11 sizes / Aftermarket: 5 sizes) for 18 to 22 inch rims.

The 20-inch Michelin Pilot Sport EV is approved for the new Tesla Model Y, already on the market in China. Additionally, the Michelin Pilot Sport EV will be a global tire and will be available for vehicles in Europe and North America later in 2021.

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Source / Photo: Michelin

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