Netflix will broadcast a live sports game for the first time

Netflix will broadcast a live sports game for the first time

We are familiar with live streaming services that broadcast sporting events: after all, we have ViaPlay in the Netherlands for darts, Formula 1 and much more sports. But the system in place for streaming services rarely ventures into live events. Netflix tried it before, namely with the Love is Blind reunion, but that turned out to be a fiasco. Now you will try again, but with sports.

Live streaming on Netflix

Fortunately, there isn’t a big sports scene in the making, because if the weather didn’t work, it would at least be a little less frustrating. It’s a celebrity golf tournament, so it’s not a serious sport that you have to watch every second. This saves a lot of pressure, because Netflix’s previous live broadcast was a drama. This was the season reunion of Love is Blind, which is where all sorts of technical issues arose, causing a delay of about an hour and a half. Viewers got an error message and eventually it didn’t happen even after an hour and a half. Netflix just decided to score it and put it online a little later. Netflix’s first attempts so far to stream…

Now writes that he will try again The Wall Street Journal. It is about a famous golf event from Las Vegas. Netflix will eventually plan to stream some of the more extreme sports (it even wanted to buy the rights to Formula 1 in America). It is not known what sport she has in mind now. First, she must prove herself when it comes to live streaming, although she has hosted a comedy show with great success: there is hope.

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Sports on streaming services

Anyway, it turns out that Netflix and sports are a good combination. With the Formula 1 Drive to Survive series, it ensured that the sport of racing gained huge popularity in the United States, among others. The current series (which is similar to the concept behind Drive to Survive) about Tour de France cyclists is a huge hit for the streaming service. So it’s not so much about the sport, it’s about any technical issues happening and Flix will have to stay clear of that, because if there’s something that makes people into fanatics, this is it.

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