Mixed reactions to Meghan Markle's children's book: 'It's hard to imagine a little kid would love this' |  show

Mixed reactions to Meghan Markle’s children’s book: ‘It’s hard to imagine a little kid would love this’ | show

Since today, lying the seatMeghan Markle’s first children’s book, 39, is in stores. The British press reacted very mixed to the first appearance of Prince Harry’s wife (36), with both very positive and negative reviews.

times He praises illustrator Christian Robinson but states that writing a good children’s book is more difficult than it seems. “The story is more like a self-help guide for parents than entertainment for young children,” said reviewer Alex O’Connell. It lacks the vital components of a successful book for this age group: a good story and basic rhythm. There are few actions that make you wonder if writing has been delegated to a piece of furniture.”

The telegraph is also not enthusiastic and gives the seat Only one out of five stars. The Duchess’ First Book for Kids is boring parenting wisdom and contains no story. It’s hard to imagine a preschooler enjoying this. I wonder how the publisher saw fit to publish something like this.”


Evening criterion is more positive. Emily Phillips praises Megan for her endearing style of writing. Although she was a little emotional at times, “it brought her mother’s heart to tears.” “I look forward to reading what Megan Lilly Diana has in store,” she concluded.

The Duchess of Sussex’s first book is about the special relationship between a father and son, seen through a mother’s eyes. the seat It is the product of a poem Meghan gave Harry as a Father’s Day gift in 2019, a month after the birth of son Archie. Markle wrote the story, and Christian Robinson provided the illustrations. Markle’s debut includes prints of Prince Harry and his son Archie feeding chickens and Meghan her daughter, Lillipet who was born a few days ago.

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Meghan Markle book cover. © AP

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