Joe Biden is officially appointed President of the United States

Joe Biden is officially appointed President of the United States

The United States Congress has officially recorded the victory of Democrat Joe Biden in the presidential election. Parliament formally adopted more than 270 required electoral votes. Donald Trump promised an orderly transfer of power on January 20.

Objections to the results were rejected by Trump’s allies in some states. Vermont ruling pushed Biden past the critical limit of 270 voters.

Biden wins

Vice President Mike Pence formalized the gains with a statement about the election results at a session of both houses of the US Congress. They have to confirm the election results in a party.

This ceremony is usually half an hour long, but this time the ceremony has turned into a total chaos due to the storming of the Congress building, the Capitol.

The session had to be postponed and Congressmen avoided. It took hours for police to restore order and expel Joe Biden’s protesters from the property. The ceremony was also postponed due to objections from some members of Congress over the election results.

The final step

In the evening from Wednesday to Thursday (local time), Pence was finally able to confirm Biden’s victory. The endorsement is the final official step before Biden’s inauguration on January 20.

Transfer of “orderly” power

Donald Trump hasAn orderly transfer of powerHe promised on January 20. Repeat as per CNN In a statement of non-approval of the election results. The fact that Congress has named rival Joe Biden as the winner, he says, “marks the end of the greatest first term in presidential history.”

Trump also stressed that it is only “the beginning of our battle to make America great again.”

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Joe Biden officially named president, Trump promises an orderly transfer of power

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