Roxanne Hazes reunited with her half-sister Natalie years later

Roxanne Hazes reunited with her half-sister Natalie years later

Natalie, who lives in Spain, has been trying to communicate with Roxanne for years. And a letter for one last attempt at reconciliation finally got an answer a few weeks ago. “I’m glad she persevered. I got a letter from Natalie last month. I answered right away. I thought it had to happen at some point. We haven’t seen and talked to each other in seventeen years. The last time was at our father’s cremation. At the beginning of the conversation , I got excited and was so nervous. You hope this meeting will be as nice as what you had in mind. But it sure was,” says Roxanne. Special.

The singer also says that the two had a good conversation and that it was nice to hear other stories about her deceased father Andrei. “But also about her son, Duncan, who is already a big boy. It immediately felt good and familiar.”

Natalie herself also likes to call back: “You can imagine how happy I am that we are talking again. I have consciously kept myself away from the media in recent years. But in the meantime I have done my best to keep in touch. With my half-brother and sister. That this Now check in with Rox he’s super cool. We’re going to develop it into something beautiful.”

The full interview can be read in the weekly magazine.

It is not known whether Roxanne will soon communicate with her mother Rachel. The singer was not recently present at the opening of the Rachel tea bar in Amstelveen. According to Hazes’ widow, “It still takes time,” she said there at the time. Her full reaction can be seen in the video below.

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