Miracle Weight Loss Pills?  Scientists talk about a “game-changer” – Wel.nl

Miracle Weight Loss Pills? Scientists talk about a “game-changer” – Wel.nl

We all want it, that miracle pill that makes any diet superfluous. But it hasn’t been found yet. Although now there is a remedy that can help a lot in keeping the number of calories consumed within limits.

It is called semaglutide and is already used to treat type 2 diabetes. In one study, 2,000 obese adults from 16 countries were given a weekly dose of the drug. The control group was given a placebo. The two groups also received lifestyle training to help them lose weight.

After 68 weeks of anti-starvation treatment, those who took Semaglutide lost approximately 15 percent of their body weight. 30 percent of the kit got 20 percent lighter. Researchers say the drug is nearly twice as effective as current weight-loss drugs, and works almost as well as surgical procedures, such as by reducing the stomach.

The study was funded by the pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk, which already sells semaglutide for diabetes. The drug is now also filed for approval to US, European and UK pharmaceutical agencies as an anti-obesity agent.

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