A new study reveals that a double mask can reduce transmission of the coronavirus by 96.5%, Science & Planet

A new study reveals that a double mask can reduce transmission of the coronavirus by 96.5%, Science & Planet

Wearing a surgical face mask and cloth can reduce transmission of the Coronavirus by up to 96.5 percent. This is evidenced by research conducted by the American CDC, which is a government agency working in the field of disease detection, treatment, and prevention. The same applies to a suitable surgical mouth mask.

The additional protection applies to both the person wearing the masks and the environment, said CDC director – Dr. Rochelle B. Walinsky – during a briefing on Corona at the White House on Wednesday.

Mouth masks reduce the amount of small droplets and aerosols released into the air when you exhale. But it turns out that its effectiveness depends a lot on how you wear it.


Lab tests at the CDC show that wearing a surgical mask and a cloth mask is an option to reduce the risk of contamination. Another option is to make the surgical mask better fit by attaching the cords of the ear loops together where they connect to the edge of the mask and then smooth additional fabric around the edge of the mask.

Another option to make the mask fit better is to wear a nylon sock that is cut around the neck, then pulled up over the mask.

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Virologist Mark Van Ranst did not recommend a double mask in HLN last week. “The one mouth mask really protects enough. Definitely a surgery. To make it more ‘fashionable’, you can safely wear a cloth mouth mask on top. But it’s definitely not a requirement.”

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Van Ranst also notes that the disadvantages of double masking are significant. “When speaking, you will no longer be understood with two masks. You can feel claustrophobia and it can get very hot under those masks. This increases the chance that you will want to take off the mouth mask. This is dangerous. So, the one mouth mask, which you don’t have to. Tampering with it, it’s safer anyway. If you still want extra protection, put a medical filter in the made of fabric mouth mask. Or wear the FFP2 mask. “

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