PAHO doneert zuurstofconcentrators aan Volksgezondheid

Ministry: ‘Times is causing panic with incorrect information about oxygen concentrators’

The Pan American Health Organization has donated oxygen concentrators to public health.

The Ministry of Health of Suriname is not pleased with an article on oxygen concentrators, which appeared in the Times of Suriname today. According to the ministry, the newspaper is providing incorrect information with this unfounded allegation.

The article indicated that a third of the oxygen concentrators, which were used in the fourth wave of COVID in patients who need oxygen, will be missing. The Ministry distances itself from this allegation and regrets that the newspaper is launching this irresponsible publication without applying the principle of adversarialism.

Oxygen concentrators are neatly stored and under control. In the last period, managers of oxygen concentrators developed a “track and trace” application to monitor management and distribution. Society can count on the availability of oxygen concentrators if they must be used for patients who need oxygen.

With this report, there is needless panic in the community, while parts of the community are already feeling scared due to the massive rise in COVID-19 cases in the fifth wave. Therefore, the Ministry of Health calls on the community to use the official reports of the ministry as a reference and not to comment on the exciting news.”

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