March was the second warmest on record globally

Last month was the second warmest March on record globally. Copernicus, the European Climate Service, reported this. Only in March 2016 was it even hotter.

Air temperatures in southern and central Europe were above average, while temperatures in northern Europe were below average. According to Copernicus, large parts of North Africa, northeastern North America, and Australia were much warmer than normal. This was also the case in Asia, where several temperature records were set in March. On the other hand, western and central North America was much cooler than average.

Wetter than average

In parts of Europe, March was also wetter than average. Such was the case in Western and Northeastern Europe. On the other hand, in the Iberian Peninsula, conditions were drier. It has been very hot in Spain and wildfires have already spread in the north of the country. Outside of Europe, parts of the Americas, Asia, New Zealand and Australia were wetter than average. Heavy rains caused flooding in many areas.

Heat can be linked to global warming. Climate change not only contributes to warmer weather, but also leads to extreme weather conditions such as drought or heavy rainfall.

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