Lucas (10) heeft al veel geoefend voor zijn wandeling naar het Glazen Huis

Lucas (10) walks 40 kilometers in front of the rainforest

More than forty kilometers. Lucas de Swart (10) of Bergen of Zoom will drive that distance this weekend. Through his campaign for extreme demand for 3FM, he raises money for the World Wildlife Fund, which, among other things, is committed to protecting the rainforests in South America. “They are so beautiful. It’s a shame they’ve cut.”

Ten-year-old Bergenar thinks climate is a very important theme. He often hears in the news that things are not going well on earth. He was very vocal about this in his class. “If it continues like this, the Arctic will melt in thirty years. I want the earth to last a long time and not break in a hundred years. If we want to do something, it’s right now.

Index Greenhouse
So on Saturday and Sunday he and his dad and aunt put on their walking shoes. The first day he runs from Amsterdam to Bassum, and the second day he runs from Bassum to Amersford. 3FM DJs Sander Hoogendoorn, Frank van der Lende, Jorien Renkema and Rob Janssen will be housed in the Glass House from Saturday until Christmas Eve: an iconic greenhouse.

Take 800 euros
This is not the first time Lucas 3FM has come a long way for serious demand. “When I listened to the radio last year they said you could take action for a good cause. I wanted to do that too!” On the 25-kilometer walk, spread over five days, he raised 221 euros.

This year he wants to raise 800 euros His action. At the time of writing, the counter is 380 euros. “But people can scan the QR code on my shirt when I walk by. Then they can donate money, which goes directly to the rainforest.

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Did something good
Lucas’ action also prompted his daughter-in-law to take action on the 3FM Serious request. 10-year-old Berkeley now sells Loom straps For two euros each. The counter for his action is now 150 euros. His brother collects the bottles and gives the money to Lucas. “You can do all kinds of things to raise money. It’s very simple. ”

He will also request a recording from 3FM DJs. “Heat waves by glass animals, because this is a very funny song.”

“I think I will be very happy when I finally get to the glass house,” Lucas admitted. Although he has been training for three weeks, he expects the last kilometers to be tough. “But then I feel like I did something right.”

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