Local party in the US, 10 retailers accept Bitcoin

Local party in the US, 10 retailers accept Bitcoin

A small Bitcoin Lightning Festival took place in Portland, USA last week. It is an event that pays shopkeepers, food trucks and artists with Bitcoin.

Small local event

The event was titled “Poodle Down on Lightning Rails” and was a success, according to founder Clay Graham. In a matter of hours, several hundred dollars were paid by Bitcoin via lightning. Influential Tennis Porter also attended the meeting.

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Fiat money is not an option. 50 people are said to have paid through Bitcoin and a total of 10 places are said to be paying through Chad. This is a fun but small scale event.

With Lightning Network you can make Bitcoin payments almost for free and very fast. Blockchain is not polluted by these off-chain payments. It is only required to open or close payment channels.

Everything runs on lightning

The Portland meeting used LNBits (offline) as an open source tool for payment. Bupinno was also present. They have a lightning Pour a pintTool developed.

Local party in the US, 10 retailers accept Bitcoin

The idea was also to show that artists can get money without anyone stealing anything. It is said that there is a DJ who can send you money with a simple QR code.

After the Portland conquest, the Kansas City community is said to want to do the same. Graham has already been contacted to copy the plan to another city.

There are also meetings in the Netherlands where you can pay with Bitcoin. At the Bitcoin meeting in Amsterdam, hundreds of Bitcoin payments were made overnight via the Dutch company Bitcoin.

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