Lenny Kohr reclaims guitar after she won over ESF |  Entertainment

Lenny Kohr reclaims guitar after she won over ESF | Entertainment

After her victory she lost the guitar very quickly, but then received an unexpected email from Yap’s wife, the man she had an affair with after she won the Eurovision Song Contest. Els emailed me to tell me Yap is dead. Upon exit, I found a guitar hidden away in a corner, ”Kohr told ESF.

Els was convinced it must be the guitar that Kohr won with her song Troubadour rich. “The guitar was much darker than I can remember and had deep cracks on both sides, but it had my guitar teacher nameplate on it,” Kohr said. After cleaning and inspection by luthier, who compared the grain structure of the cover sheet with the performance photos in Madrid, this turned out to be correct. “This is the guitar I won in the 1969 Eurovision Song Contest.”

She has used guitar in some songs on her new album that the singer is currently working on. Also Troubadour She is back in one of the new songs on her album, but the path is not yet known.

Kohr can also be seen during the final of the Eurovision Song Contest, which is taking place in Rotterdam this year due to Duncan Lawrence’s victory in 2019. It is part of a Rock The Roof performance with previous Eurovision winners.

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