What does the president of America earn?  Joe Biden chooses this every year

What does the president of America earn? Joe Biden chooses this every year

Have you always wondered what the president of America deserves? What is the salary of Joe Biden and former presidents of the White House?

As the President of the United States, you likely have the most stressful job in the world. On the one hand, there’s a good salary and lots of good fringe benefits.

What is the salary of the President of America? How different is that from Mark Rutte?

What does the president of America earn?

When you are President of the United States, you don’t have a regular job from 9 to 5. You work long hours and assume heavy responsibility and the world’s eyes are on you constantly. This brings about constant stress. Once installed, you will serve non-stop for four years (or even eight years if you are re-elected). There may be a good compensation in return.

The last four presidents – Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Barack Obama, and George W. Bush – earned an annual salary of $ 400,000 ($ 339,486.40). Furthermore, the President also receives an expense allowance of $ 50,000, a $ 100,000 travel allowance and a $ 19,000 annual entertainment allowance.

This brings the salary of the president of America to 559,000 dollars (482,837.37 euros). For comparison: Our Prime Minister Mark Root receives a total annual salary of € 172,107, including vacation pay and year-end bonus.

Aharon Allowances From Joe Biden and his predecessors

As the president of America, you can also count on good fringe benefits. Joe Biden can live in the White House for free, be driven everywhere in a free limousine, he can use Marine One and Air Force One, and receive free care. In fact, as president, you have an entire medical team ready for you in the White House. In addition, do not forget about the garden with fresh fruits and vegetables and the chef and pastry chef ready for you. When you are the first lady, you have this Allowances Also, but unlike the boss you win No extra cent.

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Since George Washington became the first president of the United States in 1789, there have been five salary increases for this role. The most recent was in 2001, when the salary doubled from $ 200,000 to $ 400,000. By comparison, Washington earned $ 25,000 a year. That might not sound like much, but if you include inflation, it actually made $ 600,000.

The president is offered a salary and not all past presidents accepted it. Herbert Hoover (31st President) and John F. Kennedy (35th President) both of them and donated them to charity. Donald Trump donated a quarter of his salary.

Moreover, the president is always given $ 100,000 to furnish the White House to his taste. But here, too, many presidents (including Barack Obama) have refused. Instead, they used their own money. What Joe Biden did with this money is unknown.

How much do past presidents earn?

When the president leaves the White House, he can expect a pension of $ 205,800 ($ 174,743) per year. It doesn’t stop there for many former presidents. Through speeches, books, documentaries, and other media expressions, they can still earn a decent amount of money.

In short: As an ex, you are forever cooked up.

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This is the salary of Joe Biden and other US presidents

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