Art Rooijakkers Had To Stop His Feelings For An Interview With Jan Dulles |  right Now

Art Rooijakkers Had To Stop His Feelings For An Interview With Jan Dulles | right Now

Explains Jan Dallas and his girlfriend Caroline Rooijakkers on Earth They are open to losing their three-month-old daughter, Donna. The broadcaster had no choice but to turn off his own feelings for a while: He wanted to give the two a safe feeling during the interview and that his emotions wouldn’t help them, he says in a conversation with

“It was a great shooting day, now two weeks ago in March. We approached them carefully and had intense contact beforehand, because we wanted to give them space to say no or hold back. They influenced me,” Rooijakkers said.

Dallas was carrying Donna, born on September 13th, in his arms when she died suddenly on December 19. Roijkers says it’s every parent’s nightmare. “I myself am the father of a four-year-old twins and talking to him and Carolyn about it was intense as well. We also stopped regularly in the meantime, we did everything in consultation with them. And I thought: It’s useless for them if you show me my sadness now over their story. It’s all going on.” About Jean and Caroline and that fatal loss. “

The singer is known to speak in front of the camera, but Caroline is not a well-known Dutch. However, she is also a big part of the broadcast and talks openly about what is happening to her. “We took it very slowly, she herself indicated what she likes and dislikes. Everything she says, as well as what Jan says, talks a lot about love.”

Originally, Dulles wasn’t necessarily learning how to talk about his feelings, but when writing his music he could feel at home. “I went with Jan to the studio, where Yap Kwakman was sitting, and together they played the song Jane wrote to Donna. It hit my heart, and then it broke too.”

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Cancel the broadcast with Bilal Wahib

The interview with Dallas and his girlfriend is the fourth in the series. A broadcast about Bilal Waheeb was the third, but when a video appeared last week asking a minor to show his genitals, a police investigation began and it was decided not to broadcast the episode on TV.

Rooijakkers understands that this choice has been made and that he and his team are now looking for a suitable alternative to the broadcast. About the recording with Waheeb: “I felt that day that there was a lot waiting for him, everyone was positive about him and he too. After the day of registration I talked about it with a friend: It is a hard box, and it leaves you with scratches in your soul, but Bilal has not done so yet.”

Rooijakkers doesn’t know if a broadcast with Waheeb will be watching it again.

Rooijakkers can be watched on the ground on RTL4 on Wednesday 9:30 pm.

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