Kromo doesn't want to give up the number 100, but he can no longer join the top of that number

Kromo doesn’t want to give up the number 100, but he can no longer join the top of that number

It is becoming increasingly common to hear that 30-year-old Kromovedjogo, who made his international debut as a relay swimmer at the 2006 European Championships in Budapest, would be wise to focus on the 50m freestyle based on her excellent “skill”. In the all-time ranking, she took thirteenth place on this number with a time of 23.85.

pure runner

Earlier this year, during the European title fight in Budapest, the swimming queen was crowned champion in that single lane crawl. She also confirmed her reputation as a pure sprinter in Hungary by also taking gold in the 50m non-Olympic butterfly.

It seems from the same lanes that it would be wiser to delete 100 from her collection permanently, contrasted in the catacombs at the Tokyo Aquatic Center. The form on the double sprint is just missing. She confirmed that her health is okay.

Pros and Cons

Not participating in “swimming”, in her opinion, was a matter of pros and cons, to balance the pros and cons. “I’m not sick. That’s part of the possibility. You think that as an athlete: I should take every chance I get. Like ‘cromo’ I say: I’m going 50 free. I totally support that choice.”

“I choose by feeling, by my heart and my mind,” she explained. “My level isn’t good enough for 100 for free. Now I’m going to 50 for free. That’s the number I came to Japan for.”

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