International scientists search for extraterrestrial life using artificial intelligence

International scientists search for extraterrestrial life using artificial intelligence

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An international group of researchers has announced a new project to search for signs of “alien technological civilizations”. The researchers – led by Harvard astrophysicist Avi Loeb – called Project Galileo, will use artificial intelligence to find extraterrestrial life.

Loeb is best known for his claims that a spaceship recently visited us, also known as ‘أوOumuamua. This cigar-shaped object shot our solar system at high speed. He is convinced that other planets have flying spaceships that we can observe. It is believed that this project will enable him to find such ships and satellites.

“Following the recent release of the previously classified US report on unidentified objects, the scientific community needs to resolve to search systematically, scientifically and transparently for potential evidence of alien technological equipment,” Loeb said in a statement. pointed to a Transfer The Pentagon on Unidentified Flying Objects.

The project takes its name from the Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei, who discovered the planets using telescopes, but was not believed in his time.

Since this project is too difficult and labor-intensive for humans, supercomputers will analyze millions of images of the universe. They pay special attention to flight movements that do not seem normal, or things that travel at an unusual speed. Cool shapes will also be on the project’s radar. Human researchers will take these observations even further Judge.

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