KRO-NCRV shares the first photos of the new season Een Huis Vol |  RTL Street

KRO-NCRV shares the first photos of the new season Een Huis Vol | RTL Street

in A house full of immigrants We follow the Jelies family and the Kraan family as they leave their life in the Netherlands behind and embark on an adventure abroad. As the Gillies leave Tolbeck to pursue their Spanish dream, we follow the Cranes as they migrate to Luxembourg, where they begin running a campsite. The series consists of ten episodes in total.

It has always been a big dream for Johan and Janneke Gillis: to emigrate to Spain with their nine children. The country they had visited in the past with seven children, and immediately fell in love with. It did not take long for the idea to take this step to arise. Their house in Tolbec has been sold and time is running out. Will they be able to find a home where the same feelings of love arise again? What are the plans when they actually arrive?

The Krahn family sees no future for themselves and their children in the Netherlands. In addition, Father Ivan wants to spend more time with his family. They have their eyes on a camp site, where they will work as a director. This means they are responsible for everything that comes with running a campsite. From cleaning, gardening and reception management to the kitchen and balcony. While father Ivan and mother Linda also have to keep the family going.

One house is full of immigrantsIt can be viewed weekly on KRO-NCRV on NPO 1 starting Friday, February 2, 2024. Starting Friday, February 2, you can watch all episodes in advance via NPO Start.

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