Kristel (31): “I only eat pizza and french fries, but the vegan version” |  Stories behind the news

Kristel (31): “I only eat pizza and french fries, but the vegan version” | Stories behind the news

Are you currently at your target weight?

“I don’t know how much I weigh, because I don’t have scales. My weight varies from day to day due to hormones or because I am 4 months pregnant or because of the amount of food I eat. I am satisfied with my shape and notice that my weight is perfectly balanced because I eat a vegetarian diet.”

What is your way of life?

“I’ve been eating vegan so no animal products at all for about nine years. I also cook with as many unprocessed products as possible. I eat a lot of veggies, fruits and superfoods, like turmeric, which is turmeric, and chia seeds.”

I have lived in Los Angeles for four years now. There are many more fast food chains in America than in the Netherlands, but there are also many healthy, plant-based restaurants as well. Life here is a little more expensive.”

I also listen well to biorhythm. I try to be attentive to my period. In my office I entered Moonday. Women can then take it easy or even take a day off when their period comes. The idea arose when I was experiencing abdominal cramps during my period. I wondered why I can’t share that with my colleagues. Call it Moonday so women don’t have to use the word “periods,” which is still completely taboo. Maybe in ten years those taboos will be gone and we can just call it what it is, that would be cool. Moonday is a great option, although not every woman needs it.

What is your eating pattern?

“In the morning, I often drink a smoothie that contains superfoods, fruits and vegetables. The superfoods I use are powders made, for example, from dried fruit, vegetables or grass, which contain many micronutrients, such as vitamins and minerals.

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For lunch, I often make a big salad with roasted vegetables, and I want to eat a lot of carbohydrates like vegetables or rice so that I feel full for a long time. In the evening I often eat noodles, curry with vegetables, or stir-fried vegetables with tofu and rice. My snacks consist of fruit, nuts, chocolate and milk with oat milk or turmeric.

I don’t miss animal products at all. There isn’t a single type of food that I really want to eat that I can’t eat because I eat vegan. I only eat pizza, french fries, and chocolate, but the healthier vegan version. “

Do you see any areas for improvement?

“Sure, I like to drink a lot of water, but if I’m in meetings all day, I still have to remind myself regularly. I also want to eat more sprouts, because they have a lot of vitamins and minerals.”

How often do you exercise and what do you do?

“I work out every morning, but what I do varies from day to day. I usually do Pilates or High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Sometimes I go for a walk and sometimes I choose to run. I usually exercise for half an hour a day. I have a habit Every morning I exercise my body and drink water. When my period comes, I slow down, but I still exercise every day.”

What is your golden advice for a healthy life?

“My golden share is very personal, because it works so well for me. It’s called; eat as many fruits and vegetables as possible. Vegetables are really my miracle cure. I feel energized and healthy because of it. In my plant-based lifestyle I also focus on what I can eat. I don’t care. What I cannot or cannot eat.This makes my lifestyle very easy for me.

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Nutrition Center for Superfoods

“Superfoods don’t have one official definition, so any product can be categorized as a superfood,” says Iris Groenenberg, a nutrition and health expert at the Nutrition Center. Positive properties are often attributed to superfoods which can create the illusion that superfoods contain all the necessary nutrients. This is not the case, no single food can provide all the nutrients you need. The purported health benefits of superfoods in general are not supported by sufficient scientific evidence.

With a varied diet according to the wheel of the five, you don’t need special superfoods to be healthy. If you eat superfoods, do so in normal amounts. Check the labels of all superfoods (powders) and is there anything on them that you don’t know? Then I won’t eat it.”

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