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Kota has opened two Grand Prix

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The Circuit of the Americas (Kota) has opened for two Grand Prix in Austin. According to Bobby Epstein, the owner of the circuit, the second Grand Prix in Kota is easy to feel. He informed ESPN

It was officially announced a week ago that the Singapore Grand Prix would not take place this year either. The race was supposed to take place on October 3rd, but unfortunately it could not happen. Formula 1 wants to finish 23 more races, so the alternatives were talked about soon. The second Grand Prix in the United States was immediately mentioned, with two different options: Kota or Indianapolis.

Quota is possible

There is Bobby Epstein ESPN Announced the opening of the second Grand Prix in Kota. According to Epstein, the deal is already over. He insists it is entirely possible. “The track is there, so it’s easy to do.” Epstein also had no problem with the second American Grand Prix in Indianapolis. “It’s easy in Austin anyway, but if the numbers look good, they should do the best they can for the game.”

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