Known WIDM Loser: Who is the traitor according to former candidates and moles?  |  Currently

Known WIDM Loser: Who is the traitor according to former candidates and moles? | Currently

In a short while, we’ll know for sure: who fooled us and her fellow nominees in the past ten weeks of Season 21 of Who is the mole? Loser’s announcement has already spelled out a lot for the former candidates and moles, they told

Note: This post contains spoilers.

Nearly 3.2 million viewers watched how Charlotte Niggs landed the final red screen of the season Saturday evening. On the Forty Questions, the parliamentary journalist made a bet on René Focker and turned out to be wrong, wasted a lot of time, or answered fewer questions correctly than Rocky Hakega, who also sees Fokker as Molle. The actress herself, of course, remains committed to her innocence: she doubts Hehakaija.

Angie Eppenburg – sat down January 17 On Rocky

“Surely it wouldn’t be the case that I dived into the Rocky Tunnel in the first front and that my tunnel vision was actually just an insight? Of course I doubt, but come on: Tunnel vision is tunnel vision. Relax with Rocky Now that it’s all behind it. Back you can read From her face. “

“Of course: Let Renee drive along the footbridge and take off on your own, Tappy 350 euros. Replace those scooters and keep cycling instead of walking. Every little bit helps keep the greenhouse empty. Just because you can.”

“Plus, Rocky often explains to others what exactly the purpose of the task is. The rest is not really slower, but Rocky already knows the tasks and has already done it dozens of times in her head. It’s hard to say your mouth. If the rest have no idea.”

Thomas Cammaert – sat down January 31 On Splinter Chabot and Charlotte

“So beautiful that we already know Charlotte is the loser and now we only have two options. I’ve been convinced in a few episodes that Renee is de mole, but I still have doubts. This is the season where I’m at least sure of my mole, haha. Everything. Inside me he says it has to be Rene. But what bothers me is that Rocky has offered 5,000 euros for an exemption. Not Rene. “

“How would you explain that as Mol? Three candidates offered 5,000 euros for exemption so that the money would come out of the pot and you have nothing to do with it as Mol? I still find it difficult. That’s why I doubt Rocky too. But I have to choose. I was in the Renee Tunnel for a while and I can’t get out anymore. Sit comfortably: Multi is Renee. Let’s hope I’m right! ”

Ron Boszhard – sat down February 14 On Splinter

“The fact that the mole is difficult to detect, proves again this year. I think a lot of people had to keep looking for another mole because, after their execution, they were wrong again. Whatever of this mole out of the remaining two candidates: It did an amazing job. Worth it. The filmmakers are also an unbelievable compliment. Putting in such a good season, right after the Jubilee year, is impressive. They’ve picked up surprising Mol once again this year. And I think it’s …. “

Rob Decay – sat down January 24 On Renee and Splinter

“How cool is it that you now have a final match where they suspect each other? That moment is great: They really look at each other. I think it’s so cool, but it doesn’t change my theory, which is what I have for weeks now. Really that Rocky wins and he’s … Renee de Mol. “

“Plus, I have to say: If Rocky De Mole was so cool. That would be really cool. I thought it was a great final. Nice how they do it with the ladies and how there are two remaining facing each other. Standing up.”

Klas Van Krostom – sat February 21 On Renee

“Great second-to-last episode. It’s always difficult to do, because there are only three players left in the game. Conclusion: The Czech Republic is beautiful! Renee is de Mol. In the mission where I kicked, I” tried “everything, but it didn’t work Something, haha. “

“With two fellow athletes candidates, the delay didn’t help much, but I consider it a great signature for this season. I’m sure Renee has read her own script in the mine with this candle, but this is next Saturday. Looking forward to it. Unveiling!”

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