Kickboxing at the Atollplaza Multifunctional Center

Kickboxing at the Atollplaza Multifunctional Center

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There is still plenty to do for youngsters in Lelystad during the summer holidays. On the Internet one can find many things, many activities in different websites. One of these activities is kickboxing. On Wednesday 8 February, Sportbedrijf Lelystad and Welzijn Lelystad open a meeting place where young people can learn about sports, exercise and culture. The place is called District Atoll.

Atoll region
This is the meeting place for young people from 12 to 27 years old. There are a number of activities in the District Atoll programme. One of those things is kickboxing. This kickboxing belongs to the recreational activities.

On the agenda two more evenings for the month of August are mentioned, on Tuesday 22nd August and Tuesday 29th August. The time is from 8:45 PM to 9:45 PM. Admission is free and guests are required to bring indoor shoes and sportswear.

Kickboxing Lelystad
In kickboxing, people respect each other and love sports. This is learning from and with each other. Kickboxing is a martial art for young and old, in which hands and legs can be used.

In this way, boxing punches are combined with kicks of other sports, including karate and taekwondo. During the evenings, Coach Youssef attends to introduce young people to this beautiful sport.

Kickboxing sport
Kickboxing is a martial art that uses hands and feet. The sport originated in America and Japan. The sport in Japan derives from Muay Thai.

In the United States, kickboxing is seen as a martial art, where several martial arts are fused together. In this country you can thus use the whole body.

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This sport is very popular in many countries, including the Netherlands. Kickboxing is practiced in the Netherlands according to the Japanese version. This is why elbow strikes to the head are not given. The popularity was mainly due to well-known kickboxers Rico Verhoeven and Badr Hari.

Sport is not for the aggressive. Punches and kicks are distributed, but a person can certainly exercise in an athletic manner. Sport in itself is very intense, which is why it is often used as training. The whole body is used and the muscles are tense the whole time.

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