Kendall faces a difficult choice on Temptation Island, USA

Kendall faces a difficult choice on Temptation Island, USA

Note: This article contains spoilers Temptation Island, USA Episode 7.

Almost immediately after Kendall kissed his girlfriend Erica goodbye, he turned to the first bachelor to introduce himself: Alexcys. The bastard then also invited her friend Nicole to spend a wild night with him and Alexcys. It looks like this love triangle has officially come to an end, although there's no doubt that Nicole wants more. As a last resort, she tries to explain her feelings to Kendall. “I want to be honest with you: I fell deeply in love with you,” she surprised him.

Her rival Alexcys is already feeling the mood and isn't looking to be sidelined, just like his girlfriend Erica. “At first it was just Erica who was my rival and now Nicole too?” She confronts him just before the moment of choice. “It obviously gives you the feeling that I'm not giving you (…) I see Nicole differently now, this is no longer a friendship.”

However, it soon became clear that she needn't have worried, because Kendall chose Alexcys for his final date. This means Nicole can pack her bags, even though she doesn't see things so bleak. “I'm expecting a text from Kendall soon,” she says during her confessional.

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