Kelly Clarkson wants to be officially declared single |  stars

Kelly Clarkson wants to be officially declared single | stars

Clarkson, 39, wants formal celibate status while divorce proceedings are still in progress. The two are also locked in a legal battle. The singer has filed a fraud claim worth tens of millions of dollars with the California Labor Council. Blackstock and his company were Clarkson’s personal “agent” for a while. But the singer says in the papers submitted that the law never allowed this, because he did not have a license.

Blackstock has said through his attorney that he did not commit fraud and denies all allegations. Clarkson is demanding that her fees be dropped and that all legal costs incurred be paid. There has not yet been a court decision.

Clarkson and her ex-husband have been married for seven years. Recently, the singer has already won custody of her two children River (6) and Remy (4). Blackstock won’t stop there. He asks for a monthly allowance of 365,000 euros for himself and their children.

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