Did HBO hit Mare of Easttown in season two?

Did HBO hit Mare of Easttown in season two?

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Did HBO hit Mare of Easttown in season two?

Who is in the first season of East Town mare With Kate Winslet, you are sure to look forward to more adventures from a badass detective.

American crime drama directed by Brad Engelsby has proven to be a huge hit with audiences and critics alike, at least in the United States. The seven-part first season is only the second series in HBO history (the other was backing down) with an increase in viewership with each subsequent episode. The last episode even set the record for the most watched episodes of an HBO Max original in its first 25 hours!

Wanted: A powerful story

Despite all the praise, nothing has been announced about the second season of East Town mare.

During an interview with TV Line, Ingelsby has now revealed the following about a possible sequel:

“If we can come up with a story as good as the first season and bring the characters to life in an organic way, I would like to make a second season. I just don’t know what the story should be. The problem now.”

The good news is that actress Winslet has already announced her desire to join the party for a second season. Now just text, and go with that banana!

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