Kamal Lynn (14 years old) blows up The Voice Coach |  Turns out

Kamal Lynn (14 years old) blows up The Voice Coach | Turns out

Lynn is not a complete stranger to theater. At school and during singing lessons, she sometimes stepped onto the stage to give an audience a performance. However, Lin wanted to look higher and so decided to subscribe to get it The Voice Kids. The song she wanted to impress coaches with, crawling From Radiohead, you didn’t pick because it gives it a special feel. It’s just a great song for you to sing. Actually, I don’t have any other connections with this song, the only thing is that my grandfather liked that song really well.

Lin’s grandfather died of cancer a few months ago. It was a tumultuous period, when Lin and her family were unable to be with their grandfather at first, because they thought he had contracted the Coronavirus. It turns out that this is not the case. He was eventually transferred to intensive care and died there. ”The grief was great, especially since Lynn was his only granddaughter and urged her to do more with her voice.“ I think he’s secretly very proud of me, when he looks from top to bottom. So I’ll definitely think about it when I’m standing there. “

With this positive thought, Lin took the stage. “Awesome,” Miss Montreal said immediately when Lynn played the first note. Ali b. First to turn his chair, followed by Miss Montreal, Snellie and Els Delange. The faces of the coaches speak of a lot. Snell said, “Very beautiful.” After that, Lin could count on a big round of applause.

Although praised by the coaches, they noticed one thing: Lin was a perfectionist. And maybe too much. “You’re so good. You just still in your head singing. I think you are a perfect person by nature. Realize that, because I’ve had it for so long. Because I wanted to do it so well, I didn’t have looseness because of it. And this indolence actually guarantees improvement Your performance. I hope so, because you have it all, “were the words of Ilse DeLange.

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Meanwhile, the other coaches made another attempt to gain Lynn, but after a short period of suspicion, the 14-year-old blonde had already made up her mind. “I’m going to fast.” Why did you choose it? “Well, I had a suspicion between Snel or Sanne. After that I thought Snel was a little stronger than Sanne,” she concluded.

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