Jungle likes to focus on others

Jungle likes to focus on others

It’s a good thing the title was dropped: ‘Caseo’, Jungle’s hit single which was co-produced with… Inflow. At that time he was mainly a well-known name behind the scenes, and now we know him as the famous producer of the band SAULT. A band that brings together soul, funk, hip-hop and electronica. And a band that doesn’t want to be on stage. In fact, SAULT never performed, never gave interviews, never even took a band photo. Isn’t Josh secretly a little jealous about that? ‘I’m glad you asked. You brought it up first, oddly enough. I’ve thought a lot about inflow myself since we know it so well. He inspires us and we inspire him. I think it’s incredibly cool how they do it, but there is a limit. Salt sits against the ceiling, with no real connection between the music and the audience. It sure makes him happy that he’s still going down the street unrecognized. But yes, we can do that too. And we’re even bigger. Salt is stuck at 1.5 million listeners a month, while we’re at 6 million.

The jungle, of course, is no different. Or at least: the choice was made a long time ago. Although SAULT has everything in their hands, Jungle have already signed XL Recordings, The xx, Thom Yorke, Jack White, Adele and Back in the Day The Prodigy to their label for their debut. ‘A label that plays the game: we invest in you, you do your best by talking to the press. Then, you can always choose to be more mysterious, stand on stage with a mask on, even walk backstage, but come on, no one cares, you’re not that important and special.

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