Judge stops construction of a gas rig near the Wadden Islands

Judge stops construction of a gas rig near the Wadden Islands

Gas company ONE-Dyas wants to extract gas from the N05-A gas field, which is located north of the Dutch Wadden islands Schiermonnikoog and Rottumerplaat and the German island of Borkum on the Dutch-German border.

Best man Chris de Ruyter van Steevenk of ONE-Dyas says the gas will still be needed in the coming decades and that it is better to get it from somewhere rather than far.

Environmental organizations were not in favor of building a new gas drilling rig over Schiermonnikoog and constructing a new pipeline and associated power cable, and took the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, which is responsible for the permits, to court.

According to the ministry, there is no negative impact on the amount of nitrogen emissions in the Natura 2000 regions. Environmental organizations, with the support of Borkum and mayors from the Dutch and other German Wadden Islands, think differently.

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The preliminary relief judge agrees with the MOB. Impacts on Natura 2000 regions simply cannot be ruled out. Platform construction should be halted until a decision is reached in the proceedings on the merits, which is likely to begin this fall.

“We, together with our German partners, are pleased with the court’s ruling. With this we achieve an important first success in the case against exploration for new gas in the North Sea,” MOB said in a press release.

Environmentalists said there was a coral reef close to the construction site that needed protection. “The court prevents the irreparable destruction of coral reefs protected by European law.”

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German environmental organization Deutsche Umwelthilfe (DUH) speaks of “paukenschlag for Schutz der Nordsee ‘ Or a boom to protect the North Sea.

DUH Director Sascha Müller-Kreiner: “We call on ONE-Dyas to abide by the ruling and turn its back on fossil fuel power generation. We also hope that this decision will help other countries and companies realize their responsibility to preserve biological diversity if we take seriously the 1.5 degree limit for Paris Grandfather, new oil and gas fields should not be created all over the world.”

Gas producer ONE-Dyas claims to be the largest Dutch gas producer and is not owned by the government. In addition to the Netherlands, the company is also active in the United Kingdom, Norway and Gabon in West Africa.


The company is owned by private shareholders such as the Fentener-Van Vlissingen family, former ABN CEO Amro Rijkman Groenink, oil tycoon Marcel van Boeck and investor Jan Onderdijk.

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