Jordan bans the media from reporting on the investigations of the former crown prince |  right Now

Jordan bans the media from reporting on the investigations of the former crown prince | right Now

The Jordanian media is no longer permitted to publish on the case of the former Crown Prince Hamzah bin Hussein, as determined by the Public Prosecutor in the Jordanian capital, Amman.

The government accuses King Abdullah’s half-brother of plotting to destabilize the country.

The Public Prosecutor stated that publishing “anything related to this investigation” is prohibited at this stage of the ongoing investigation. The ban also applies to social media and case-related photos.

At least 16 have been arrested so far in the investigation. The 41-year-old prince is said to have worked with these suspects and foreign parties to undermine security in Jordan.

Hamza denies any involvement in a conspiracy

Hamza denies involvement in any plot against the king and is supported by his mother, Queen Noor. King Hussein’s widow says there is slander.

Hamza pledged allegiance to the king and the constitution on Monday after being questioned by security forces and two days after his house arrest began. In a statement issued by the royal family, he said, “He will always support and support His Majesty the King and his Crown Prince.”

Abdullah Hamzah was deprived of the right of succession in elementary law

Not long ago, the prince criticized the way the country was being run. According to him, the country’s leaders are corrupt and consider their interests more important than those of the population.

Hamzah was the first to succeed until King Abdullah removed this position from him in 2004. The king later appointed his eldest son as crown prince.

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