Navalny’s doctor has increasingly arrested the patient in a punishment camp

Navalny’s doctor has increasingly arrested the patient in a punishment camp

Russian authorities have arrested supporters of opposition leader Alexei Navalny who arrived at the prison where he is being held. Among those arrested is Anastasia Vasiljieva, a doctor and union leader who is considered Navalny’s personal physician.

She said she came to the criminal camp 100 kilometers east of Moscow to persuade Navalny to stop his hunger strike. She was going to schedule an appointment regarding this matter with the prison administration.

However, Vasiljeva was denied entry at the gate, and shortly afterwards she was arrested along with six of her supporters and two CNN journalists, Reuters news agency reported. According to the authorities, nine people were arrested for not following orders.

The access road is blocked

Later, security was beefed up in the criminal camp by closing the car park. A checkpoint was set up and an access road was blocked.

It is unclear how Navalny behaves, as he can barely make contact with the outside world. It became clear through his lawyer that he was not feeling well and that he had lost more than ten kilograms since he was in the institution.

Navalny, 44, went on hunger strike last week and was not allowed to be examined by an independent doctor. Last night it turned out he’s coughing and he’s in the infirmary with a fever.

He would fear tuberculosis, just like three of his fellow prisoners. But according to the Russian prison system, there is no doubt about an outbreak of tuberculosis because every prisoner was to be quarantined.

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