Jolande: I don't want to do a smear at my doctor

Jolande: I don’t want to do a smear at my doctor

Jolande dropped her last two cervical cancer screening calls because she didn’t like such a smear. But now that one of her friends had to have the troubled cells removed, she found it helpful to get the test done. Is this possible? And what if I prefer not to be done by a male GP?

GP Marnix van der Leste: “Experience shows that in most practices, the physician assistants perform the smears, not the physicians themselves. This is the case with almost all GPs. And physician assistants are almost always women, so if you prefer Jolande you end up not visiting a man. That might be an option.”

“If you encounter an impediment to having a smear, it is a good idea to discuss this with your doctor. This can help clear any doubts about the examination. Sometimes women prefer that the doctor performs the smear himself rather than an assistant.”

Because they know the physician’s assistant less?

Van der Leest: “For example, whether they feel some uncertainty about this, or because previous experience making a smear wasn’t pleasant and they’d rather have the GP do it themselves.”

“In any case, it should always be open to discussion if you have concerns about this. This is very important. So talk about it with your doctor or physician assistant, because usually a solution can be found.”

And if you really don’t want to have a smear in your GP’s practice?

Van der Leest: “In this case, there is also a self-sampling test. A reliable alternative. Using this self-sampling test, you test for HPV, the virus that can cause cervical cancer. RIVM موقع website You will find all the information and how to apply for it. If the results show that you have HPV, the advice is to have a swab.”

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Finally, Van der Leest stresses once again that it is important to feel confident with your doctor: “If you have fear or shame about a particular examination, it is a good idea to discuss it. In acute situations, there may not be time to pay attention to it and then it is a good idea to You have already discussed it once.”

“Just as there are women who would prefer not to have a Pap smear, there are also men who may feel uncomfortable with a GP. And in all cases, the following applies: Talk about it!”

What about the HPV vaccine? Shouldn’t all adults catch it then?

“The reason they do this at such a young age is because the vaccine works better before HPV is present, ie before you are sexually active. You also need fewer shots before age 15 (2 instead of 3) for good, long protection. Duration. For adults up to the age of 26, they will later be invited to vaccinate free of charge. Over the age of 26, vaccinations can only be obtained at their own expense.”

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