Johnny Depp celebrates winning an Indian dinner worth 58,000 euros |  stars

Johnny Depp celebrates winning an Indian dinner worth 58,000 euros | stars

Depp was in Birmingham to give a surprise performance with American guitarist Jeff Beck. During his visit, Deep and Beck were in the mood for Indian food, so Varanasi Restaurant, which has an area of ​​20,000 square meters and is the largest Indian restaurant in Birmingham, was set up especially for them.

Muhammed Hussain, Director of Varanasi New York Post: “We got a call on Sunday afternoon that Johnny Depp wanted to come over to dinner with a group of twenty people. I didn’t know what I was hearing, at first I thought it was a joke. But when his security team arrived beforehand to check out the restaurant, I knew they were serious.” In the end, we rented out the entire restaurant to him so that other guests wouldn’t disturb him.”

The chefs had an Indian feast on the table in no time, consisting of shish kebab, chicken tikka masala, mutton karahi, and king tandoori prawns. During dinner, champagne bottles were flowing freely and several cocktails were served. Dessert consists of cheesecake and panna cotta.

“Nice and sober man”

Varanasi’s manager said that Deep was “a very kind and humble man.” “He spent a lot of time with the staff and took pictures with them a few times. You wouldn’t think he was a big star.”

“We made more money visiting Depp that night than we did on our busiest night of the week, when we had an average of 400 guests,” he added.

The most surprising moment of the evening was when Depp indicated he wanted a “twenty-minute break from the rest” and suddenly found himself in Hussein’s office. The restaurant manager deliberately did not ask him about the lawsuit during the conversation. “It was just a nice chat with a very humble guy. I still squeeze myself because I never dreamed of having Johnny Depp in my office talking to me. It was a real honor to be here.”

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